10 Aug 2009|10:27am

I can't believe ABDC judges kicked fr3sh off. Oh well, there are still a good number of impressive dance groups this season. My Top 3 for now are the bboy group from Brooklyn, We Are Heroes, and I guess Massive Monkees... I really liked Brooklyn's performance though. I think they just might win it, but I'm rooting for We Are Heroes. 


04 May 2009|05:06pm

After a long drought of visits from friends and family in the Bay, it seems like errrrrbody be comin' to Vegas within the next month. Couple weekends ago, KC and her boyfriend JR came and we partied it up with them at LAX. Henry and Will came last weekend and we gayed it up by walking in the Pride Parade and representing for Wells Fargo followed by drunken debauchery at 8.5. Stephy-poo is coming this weekend with Jesse. Clarisse is coming for her 21st birthday in the beginning of June, and Stef-Pow is coming with Carlos in the beginning of June as well.

I feel,loved, and how I fondly miss these people so. The visits definitely make me happier.

P.S. Happy 26th birthday to El Loverboy, Sidwell.

P.P.S. Sander Van Doorn will be in Vegas on May 20th spinning at Body English. I WANT TO ATTEND. I wonder if Salango is down... :)

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12 Mar 2009|07:33pm

Wow, I think my last entry jinxed it because Best Buy is already screwing up! They left me a message on the answering machine to confirm my delivery of Friday, from noon to 5pm. Fucking bitch, I said 5 to 9pm! 

Well, if they manage to screw this up again and somehow miraculously send me the wrong tv or tell me they don't have the tv I exchanged it for or what the fuck ever, maybe we can upgrade to a better tv for an even better deal. Which I would be completely fine with. We'll go for 65,000:1 contrast ratio this time, and maybe add a few more inches to the size. Haha, that would be tight.

Fucking Best Buy. Fucking Geek Squad.

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12 Mar 2009|12:03am

I forgot to mention how Best Buy screwed my HDTV order up. After all was said and done, we managed to upgrade to a nicer TV for $200 more and got ourselves a very good deal (discount, discount!) on a new series of HDTV that just came out. I scheduled the delivery for Friday, so hopefully we can avoid another screw-up, Best Buy! The only reason I'm sticking with Best Buy is because they're offering 3 years no interest which is flipping awesome.

Dad's back in the Bay handling some stuff, Sid's in Missouri for his brother's graduation from basic training, and I'm super-duper alone and I hate it! I'm getting paranoid as shit sitting in this big-ass house thinking I'm hearing noises or seeing a blur of something in the corner of my eye and thinking it's a robber or a murderer. It really sucks to not feel safe in your own home. Sid gets back tomorrow night though -- one more day.

I'm really starting to grow displeased with how big I've gotten. I'm the most out-of-shape I've ever been and seriously need to take care of this. (170ish lbs, I'd guesstimate) I'm thinking of getting gym membership at the local gym down the street -- the monthly rate is way cheaper and not as far as stupid LVAC. But, I don't want to pay for two gym memberships.

Annnnnd, fuck bills. 


05 Mar 2009|05:01pm
- I'm still alive!

Yeah wow, I think I'm officially over blogging now.  I won't give up though! 

What is  new and worthy of posting? I don't even know anymore. Life has been quite monotonous in most respects, but I'm not unhappy about it. Sid and I are fine. Work's fine. I'm helping out around the house with bills significantly more and it feels good.


Oh, and we're having our 52" HDTV delivered today which I am thoroughly excited about!  Plus a PS3/BluRay!


But yeah, same ol' same ol'.  I think I desperately need to escape from Vegas for a quick weekend. I need a vacation. I haven't missed a day of work (this is shocking news here, folks) since I started.

My cousin Stephanie visited on Valentine's Day weekend and we had a blast at Kahunaville, which made it even more apparent how much I miss my family back home.


27 Jan 2009|08:34pm
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27 Jan 2009|08:12pm

I created five ringtones on my iTunes just now and uploaded them onto my phone. Fucking sick!!


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